At Zappia’s, we’ve established and perfected our own in-house decoration methods,
giving us complete control over production time and quality!


Quality inks are manually pushed through a prepared screen onto multiple garments. This process is ideal for larger orders receiving the same artwork, and can typically accommodate high detail and multiple colors. The result is a lightweight decoration that is perfect for t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel.

12-piece minimum.

Pricing is determined by quantity and amount of ink colors used, with the biggest breaks being at 36, 144, 288, 575, and 1000 pieces.


Custom cut vinyl is adhered to the garment using an industrial heat press. This is a great option for smaller orders and personalization since it offers a cost effective way to produce unique graphics.

We also use heat transfer vinyl to create designs with novelty materials, such as glitter, metallic, and reflective graphics.

No minimums.

Pricing is determined by quantity and design size and coloring.


A machine sews out designs directly onto the fabric of a garment in thread. This can get heavy and is recommended for small designs on polos, jackets, hats, etc.

No minimums.

Pricing is determined by quantity and amount of stitches.
*If we do not have your artwork on file, we may need to send it out to be digitized for an additional fee.


Designs are made up of custom cut pieces of tackle twill sewn onto the garment, and can sometimes also incorporate embroidery. Tackle twill garments have a unique, high-end finished look, and these durable designs are made to last.

No minimums.

Pricing is determined by quantity and design size, coloring, and added embroidery.


We also work with trusted vendors to offer custom dye sublimation that is done at the factory.
Minimums, pricing, and turnaround times vary by vendor.